Why Azerbaijan, Iran and Stan countries

  • Extended area placed in the center of Asia
  • Ten-year government stability
  • Overall population: over 150 million inhabitants, whose the majority is under 25 years old
  • The GDP increased along the 2015. For instance, in 2016 Iran will have a 5% of GDP increase due to the end of trade sanction
  • Infrastructural development to connect East Europe. Trans Adriatic Pipeline – medioriental energy passageway of gas to the European union
  • Italy is the 2nd european partner of Iran after GermanyGlobal index of competitiveness in 2014: 39th most competitive country
  • Presence of government funding by the state for important programs
  • Strategic position of Azerbaijan and Stan countries between Eu states and Iran; over 100 million ($) of investments to allocate

Our services at MBH

MBH offers you support at all times thanks to a protection granted for all of the phases of internationalization:

  • Check-up on the progress of the company
  • Services of pre-matching and scouting of contacts potentially interested in the product and/or service, selection of distribution and commercialization methods in the target country
  • Organization of the project
  • Follow-up on contacts made

Every business before departing receives their own schedule of encounters with any contacts made through the service of pre-matching.

Other services offered on request

Organization for your arrival

Target selection

  • Influencers/media on-line and offline
  • Buyers
  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Licencing/Franchising
  • Investors and local partners

For information: tel.+390552645935, info@businesshappen.it