“You are art” – China

Internationalise your enterprise with Art

“You are art” is a project of contemporary and classical Italian art exhibitions to be held according to a three-year program in major Chinese cities.

Building competitiveness and market positioning through art.
Art for everyone who gets out of the museums and enter the most prestigious and popular Malls in Asia.
An innovative, 100% made in Italy, way to internationalize your business successfully. Thanks to a collaboration between Italy and China: Mbh in partnership with Resource Valley Chine + MetaMorfosi + Edimotion

We start with the exhibition Andy Warhol + Mimmo Rotella, pioneer of “pop art” made in Italy. The exhibition, to be held in Shanghai from July 17 for three weeks, was presented at a press conference in Shanghai on May 14 us.

See the gallery at link: Opening Exhibit Warhol + Rotella

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Internationalise your company into China

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Chinese language course with Mbh

With Mbh Mandarin Chinese is easy and fast to learn! How to understand if China is the market you have long time been looking for?

Sign up for the first level Chinese language course with Jing Qiao

8 lessons, for a total of 40 hours

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Chinese incoming for EXPO 2015

Milan EXPO 2015 is an outstanding opportunity for attracting new visitors to Tuscany and Italy

Mbh can help you developing a tailor-made Chinese friendly offer

Already one million Chinese visitors are ready to travel to Italy, and more will follow… what are you waiting for?

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