• Made in Italy success brand in USA; 9.2% growth in export throughout 2015
  • The USA is the 1st non-European market for Italian exports with 50 million (€) of sales volume
  • Total population: over 320 million citizens
  • The USA represents the largest global economy. In addition, the USA has pledged trade agreements with 17 foreign countries; TTIP Treaty will be soon available
  • Specialized workforce: high level of education and advanced development of research and technology
  • Prosperous consumer market with a per-capita GDP of $47,000
  • Equal tax deductions for both US and foreign companies
  • Strong protection of intellectual property
  • Highly developed infrastructural network: motorways, railways, harbors, and airports
  • An opportunity for investments in different geographical areas such as the West coast, East coast, Texas, Florida

MBH Services

    • Company check up
    • Pre-matching activity and scouting to potential contacts interested in products/services; focus on distribution channels and marketing on targeted countries
    • Agenda development
    • Follow up with contacts

On demand Services

      • Organize events in illustrious locations
      • Host incoming organizations

Target selection

      • Influencers/media online and offline
      • Buyers
      • Retailers
      • Dealers
      • Licencing /Franchising
      • Investors and Local partners

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