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Making Business Happen does not have any pre-conceived models of notions, every solution is based on an accurate analysis. The unprecedented challenges we face today are dealt with through new approaches and skills, to be worked at together on a daily basis.
Since Covid-19 has made the global market ever more closed and ricky, making it increasingly difficult to make long-team forecasts, therefore, we need the immagination to proactively analyse future scenarios and the creativity to redesign the tools to compete.
In these uncertain times, the only real guarantee of success is to work together, side by side, as a single team.
It may be difficult, but it is possible.

Tailor made solutions

The goal of our work is to help a company increase its value and brand equity, acquire new customers and boost its revenues and margins by conquering new markets.
We face this challenge by enhancing the best aspects of each company and by jointly identifying the most suitable and coherent solution.



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Silvia Mariani

Founder & CEO Making Business Happen

We are Design Thinkers.

Our mission is to assist companies and regions that wish to change and innovate, to compete, internationalise and attract investments.
In a hyper-connected and super-globalised world, whatever the size of the company, the post-Covid era requires us to redesign the way we tackle complex problems by using creativity, concreteness, human connection, digital power and sustainability so as to redefine, above all, the way people work together.


La Scolca

La Scolca, Gavi dei Gavi, from their centenary celebrations to the phygital media relations in the Covid-19 era. An example of effective global brand management rewarded by media and consumers

Terme di Chianciano

Terme di Chianciano: from an iconic brand of the Dolce Vita to an international health and wellness destination in Tuscany

Dynamo Energies

Renewable energy Made in Italy. Sustainable design and energy independence for the US market

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