We never do the same thing, because every company is different.

We create content and define sustainable solutions with a creative and digital transformation approach: Design Thinking.

We care intensely about the distinctiveness of our approach and our working method, which we always make compatible and adaptable to any context, from micro-enterprises to multinationals.

What really matters for us, however, are the people and the centrality of the human factor, which remain the privileged recipients of all our actions.


Tailor made solutions

The goal of our work is to help a company increase its value and brand equity, acquire new customers and boost its revenues and margins by conquering new markets.

We face this challenge by enhancing the best aspects of each company and by jointly identifying the most suitable and coherent solution.

An indispensable skill to compete in the post-pandemic world.

We integrate digital transformation into the internationalisation process that must be managed with a “project management” approach and not as a simple series of actions.

Who is a Digital Temporary Export Manager?
The D-TEM supports the internal management of the company by integrating traditional communication and marketing tools with new digital skills to promote international commercial development and the growth of the company’s brand equity.

What is it for?
The D-TEM project supports this process by supporting the general management and sales managers with a team of experts with specific skills related to:
export management
marketing and communication strategies
– application of digital technologies from the analysis phase to business development both in Italy and abroad

What are the deliverables?
– data analysis
– market research
– scouting partners
– positioning and distribution strategies
– B2B
– fairs
– e-commerce
– marketplaces
– social shopping

Our accreditations:
certifications ICE Academy, MISE, SACE SIMEST

If they don’t know you, you don’t exist. Communication in the Covid-19 era: what has changed forever? The centrality of the final consumer and the user experience.
Today, more than ever, it is strategic to develop empathic communication, directed at the consumer, aimed at building an exclusive relationship with tailor-made proposals and offers, both online and offline.

Hyper-connected consumers choose brands that are recognisable for their values and reliability. This is why it is essential to build authentic storytelling that enhances a client’s distinctiveness compared to its competitors.

What are the deliverables?
media relations
phygital events
lobbying – institutional relations and stakeholders engagement

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